Guidelines and rules of conduct

A set of guidelines and rules of conduct of the competition.


ROSEdu Challenge is for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

ROSEdu members and event partners, and also employees of our partners can't be participants and receive prizes in the competition.

Participants have to have Romanian residency at the time of the competition. If a winner is not able to receive its prize in person, the prize will be sent via a courier, only in Romania.

A contributor can win a single prize, so she/he will be considered a winner for a single project. The admin team will decided for what project the person will be elected as a winner.

ROSEdu is not liable for any additional taxes which have to be paid for the prizes or the delivery process.


All contributions must be made during the competition and will not be submitted in other competitions organised by ROSEdu or in partnership with ROSEdu.

Contributions which involve adding / deleting / updating a library inside the project, example: Bootstrap, JQuery, will have a score equal with 0. This doesn't apply when a library is modified to solve a bug and the fix can't be submitted for the original project, the project mentor will score the contribution with a score greater or equal with 0.

Each workflow should take in consideration the repository guidelines for contributing. If no guideline is defined, the participant should use the Github Flow.

By joining the challenge you accept the above guidelines and rules of conduct. Breaking one one of the rules can get you out of the competition.

Good luck!