ROSEdu Challenge Cookbook

To get started you should join the ROSEdu Challenge, go to the Home page and click "Start". Also take some time to have a look at our Guidelines.

As you can see you have a lot of projects from which you can choose. You don't have to pick just one, you can add contributions to all of them. We encourage you to discover all of them. You can't find a project you like? Ping us.

We created issues for each repository, you can start by reviewing them. Most of the issues require you to write code, but if you are a design or content enthusiast, don't hold back. Each project could benefit from your expertise.

Each project has a mentor who can help you get started with the project, and review your code during the competition. You can mention a mentor in an issue comment, if you have any questions beforehand.

Why ROSEdu Challenge?

We love Open Source and we have a lot of projects which need a community's attention. Events like Upstream Challenge, ROSEDu Summer of Code inspired us in this quest.

Learn by contributing! :)

How to contribute to Open Source?

Github has a tutorial which we recommend you read.

You will quickly discover that each project is unique (of course). Most of the projects have a Development/Hack section in the repository README.md, search for that when you browse a new project.

How to get started with Git and GitHub?

We recommend you start with Learn Git and nothing is better than official docs.

GitHub is very easy to use, their flow introduction will help you get started.

Whom I can ask for help?

You can drop us an email from the Contact section, or mention one of the mentors in an issue or pull request.

We are glad you joined the challenge! We hope you have fun.