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a small, expressive orm -- supports postgresql, mysql and sqlite
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Extra content for the wouso game, such as themes and optional games; this is for keeping the main repo clean. Themes should have a CC- license.
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World of USO - the Official Repository
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Automatic assignment checker
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A template used to create ROSEdu websites
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Linux Install Fest Web Site
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Manage activities, events and people.
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ROSEdu Challenge


Challenge starts on 22/02/2016 and ends on 31/05/2016. Make sure you submit your pull requests on time.

Last refresh date: Fri Jun 10 2016 02:00:00 GMT+0300 (EEST)


The score for each contribution is calculated automatically, using the following flormulae:

R - Mentor Rating (1-5)
IL - Number of inserted lines
RL - Number of removed lines
FC - Number of files changed


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