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ROSEdu Challenge


Challenge starts on 02/11/2014 and ends on 01/03/2015. Make sure you submit your pull requests on time.

Last refresh date: Sun Mar 22 2015 12:15:45 GMT+0200 (EET)


The score for each contribution is calculated automatically, using the following flormulae:

R - Mentor Rating (1-5)
IL - Number of inserted lines
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FC - Number of files changed


ROSEdu is an organization based on a community formed by programming and open-source software enthusiasts, in the educational environment.

We are mainly found in the Faculty of Automatic and Computer Science of Politehnica University of Bucharest and we began our activity in 2007.

ROSEdu's mission is to initiate, support and develop education based on the values of Open Source.


Use to get in contact with the organizers.